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2017 Trends

Each year we wait patiently to see what new colors and styles will be revealed for the coming year. What goes around always at some point and time comes back around. So lets see "What's in" for the coming year 2017. Six new trends will be coming.

  1. Terracotta Terracotta tiles will be replacing popular cool and white tones. They will have a natural matte finish and not be too rustic, adding character and warmth. You will find them on walls and fireplaces for texture.
  2. Cork Cork is making a comeback. It's stylish, adds warmth and texture to spaces too. It's ideal for absorbing noise. It appears on coffee table bases in combination with stone tops and on side tables. Use it to pin notes on your wall at your home office.
  3. Dark Green It adds depth and brings in colors from the outdoors.
  4. Upholstered Headboards They update your room and add instant glamour to your bedroom.
  5. Escapsium Homes with nook and places to retreat will become popular. Areas to read in and use your laptop or just relax.
  6. Jewel Tones They will soon overtake pink and blue which currently are having their days in the sun. Metals, metallics and lucite will add a dash of interest and sparkle. Translucent fabrics, floaty silks and sheers will create a soft romantic element and lightness.
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