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Finding the Right Material for Custom Blinds

Blinds for your windows are available with vertical vanes or horizontal slats. Each orientation also comes in different materials.

Horizontal blinds from Hunter Douglas can be made with 100% real wood, alternative wood, aluminum, or a combination of aluminum and real wood. Vertical blinds are available in fabric, vinyl, and aluminum. Different materials have different attributes that make them work better in certain situations. Here are our recommendations for determining the right material for your custom blinds.

Where Will Your Blinds Be Used?

The first question to ask yourself when deciding what material to use for your blinds is, “Where will the new window treatments be located in my home?”

Kitchens, bathrooms, and sunrooms tend to be warm rooms with high humidity and moisture levels, especially in the summer months. If you are wanting horizontal blinds in one of these areas, either aluminum or alternative wood would be your best choice because they are able to withstand these conditions.

Vertical blinds tend to work better on sliding glass doors. If your sliding glass door opens to a backyard that is constantly filled with kids and pets, vinyl would be a good material to use because it is durable and relatively easy to clean. For sliding doors in your master bedroom, fabric vertical blinds are a good choice because they have a softer look and won’t have to stand up to as much wear and tear.

Real wood blinds are a great choice for wide windows that require horizontal blinds because of the way they open. Real wood is actually lighter than alternative wood, so it can be used to make wider window treatments. If you have smaller windows, aluminum blinds would work well because they are available with narrower slats that won’t look out of place in a smaller space.

What Type of Décor Is Used in Your Home?

While any type of material can be used with any décor style, some tend to work better than others. Look at your current décor to help you determine what material you should use for your custom blinds.

If you prefer a contemporary look, aluminum blinds in a metallic color are a great addition to a sleek bathroom or commercial-style kitchen. For sliding glass doors in a modern loft, the wide fabric panels of Skyline® blinds are perfect with contemporary décor and they effortlessly glide from side to side to provide privacy or access to the outdoors. For a more traditional room, you can’t go wrong with real wood horizontal blinds. They can be stained to allow the natural woodgrain to show through or painted to match your window trim.

At Unusual Designs, we provide complete interior design services, including guidance on selecting the right material for the new blinds in your home. If you live in Williamsburg, Suffolk, Glouster, Yorktown, Poquoson, or Portsmouth, please come visit our showroom in Newport News, Virginia to start creating your new custom blinds.

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