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Flooring Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2017

Is 2017 the year you’re going to replace the tired old flooring in your home? If so, Unusual Designs offers the latest trends in flooring and area rugs and provides expert design advice in Newport News, Virginia.

Hardwood Is Still the Flooring of Choice

Hardwood climbed to the top of the flooring charts many years ago and continues to dominate in homes across the country. However, the style and color of this versatile flooring continues to evolve.

More dramatic colors – The orange-tinted oak flooring of the 80s is beyond passé, and even the darker reddish hues of cherry or mahogany finishes seem to be falling out of favor. Today’s trends lean toward opposite ends of the spectrum. Darker stains continue to be popular and are even getting darker. Almost-black opaque stains hide the grain of the wood, making floors look sleek and modern. Gray and white hardwood is also being used more in homes looking for a cooler, neutral palette. Blond flooring is another light, more natural shade that is gaining in popularity.

Different finishing techniques – Oiled hardwood floors do not have a polyurethane coating, but instead are rubbed with oil. Scratches on these floors don’t need to be buffed out or refinished, you can simply rub them out with a little extra oil. These floors do require a bit more maintenance and are not protected against water. Another finished trend that continues this year in hardwood is the hand-scraped look, which gives your floors a rougher, more rustic look.

Size matters – Wide-planked hardwood flooring started becoming popular several years ago and hasn’t stopped gaining popularity. As the manufacturing process improves, planks are getting even wider and are now made in longer lengths as well.

The Latest Trends in Carpeting

The frieze carpet style is one that continues to keep rooms warm and cozy. But another trend is starting to take hold. As its name implies, cut-and-loop carpeting combines the cut fibers of a traditional plush carpet with the loops found in berber carpeting. This combination creates interesting textures and patterns on your floor. Carpet tiles, once reserved for commercial spaces, are also trending this year as families learn to appreciate the ability to replace a single square of carpet if it gets stained or damaged.

Completely neutral carpeting is being replaced by color. Some are opting for bright, solid colors, while others are playing it a little safer with a neutral background with flecks of color blended in. The flecks of color help disguise vacuum lines and small stains.

Other Flooring Trends for 2017

Wood-look flooring continues to be a trend in 2017. Ceramic tile and laminates are available in patterns that look like wood, offering alternatives to those who want the look of wood, but perhaps need flooring that is more tolerant of moisture or a little more cost-effective.

As with hardwood flooring, ceramic and porcelain tiles are also going larger. The standard 12x12 tiles are being replaced with 12x24 or even 36x36. Larger tiles make your room look bigger and has less grout to keep clean. It’s better to have these large tiles professionally installed because they have to be very level to avoid cracking.

Vinyl flooring is being made better instead of cheaper. Due to hardwood’s popularity, vinyl is being made to look like all the new hardwood styles, and when done correctly, it’s hard to tell the difference. Vinyl is softer to stand on and helps protect against breakage if something is dropped on it.

No matter what trendy flooring you are interested in, Unusual Designs has you covered. We serve Williamsburg, Suffolk, Gloucester, Yorktown, Poquoson and Portsmouth, and we look forward to meeting you at our showroom in Newport News, Virginia.

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